The first check is done by the server, the second one is done on your device. If the numbers are the same, then the record is saved in your device. If the number is different, then the game is over. Its most valuable feature is that you can see the fortune, and the number of lucky numbers in a row. The game is officially licensed under the name Aviator from Innovative Media Inc. The developers of the game are based in America.

  • The player is guided by the Aviator to maximise his profits.
  • After activation of the payment method, you will be asked to complete the registration, fill in the form and link your bank account.
  • After the Cash out, your win multiplier is set to 1x.
  • If you want to prevent yourself from burning up your funds, then you should consider using the “Time Out” option.
  • Aviator is one of our favorites in the slot category.

Every round, the random number generator is reset. The player can divide the game into 10-rounds. When the player decides to play 10 rounds, the reset of the random number generator also stops, and the player cannot cash out.

Unlock Slot Riches Instantly

The Aviator game is designed to offer a simple fun and piquant gameplay. That is why we offer a simple tutorial and a detailed manual in the game. The tutorial is free and allows you to get acquainted with the main aspects of the game.

If the coefficient of the current round exceeds the profit, then the coefficient of the current round grows by 1x. The game has a time limit, which is defined in the game as the flying time from the start of the round. Each time, at the end of the round, the coefficient stops growing. The player with the highest coefficient is the winner of the round and receives the reward.

Spin to Triumph Instantly

If you are going to play the game using these methods, you need to register as a first deposit. If you want to make a bet with your own money, avoid using any online casino which has a bad reputation. You can check the reputation of your online casino by reading reviews. You should also be sure to sign up through an online casino that accepts a lot of players and places bets on a large number of games.

  • A player can start his round, if he has enough funds in his account.
  • The payout rate for the slots is 1 time the amount of bet.
  • So, we are sure, you have nothing to worry about.
  • The more money you gamble, the more money you win!

The multiplier depends on the coefficient at which the plane flies away in a given round. It is important to learn to control the plane from the beginning. The the random number generator produces a coefficient at which the plane flies away at a random moment. This coefficient has no effect on the player’s earnings, but it is very likely to cause losses when the multiplier grows too high. Video slot games, unlike classic slots, have a random generator of winning combinations. Each game is unique and has its own graphics and functionality.

The Thrill of Slot Games

You will then see the coefficient multiplier increase by 1. The coefficient multiplier is the multiplication of the bets of the players participating in the round. The winner of the round will be the one who wins the Aviators. The winner of the round will be given interest income from the “winning bets”. This is the income received for a certain period of time. You can also win the final round via the multiplier.

  • But it is much more interesting for beginners.
  • The latest version of the software is always available in real time.
  • The fact that the game is not available in any of the casinos does not mean that you will not be able to play it.
  • Once the player receives a bonus multiplier, it will be added to the accumulator on the bonus side.

The coefficient continues to climb until you press the buyback button. In other words, during the round, the coefficient is multiplied by the lowest coefficient. In the case of the first round, the coefficient is equal to 1x. In the case of the next, round, the coefficient is equal to 2x, etc. It is similar to the process of multiplication of a coefficient. The Aviator online casino is completely compatible with all the devices: you can play Aviator on a mobile phone (iPhone/Android) or on a computer.

Thrilling Slot Action

The Aviator mobile version is available for iOS and Android devices. It is only necessary to download the application and install it on their device. And now you can play the game whenever you like. In case of winning, the multiplier is converted to the odds. The amount of the bet determines the amount of the multiplier. In the case of losing, the multiplier is converted to the odds, and then the amount of the bet is added to the multiplier.

  • The other symbols can only be used to get a bonus prize.
  • The player can check the fairness of the game at any moment.
  • As the name implies, it is a fee to play in online casinos.
  • If you have any questions, leave them in the comments!
  • If you do not redeem bets, then you will lose 100% of the original bet.
  • It should be noted that the game works at a sufficient load, so there is no need to be able to play with a powerful PC.

If the result of the game is a win, all the money that you bet will be returned to the player, and the game will be restarted. If the result of the game is a loss, the money will be lost. The most important thing is to learn the correct method of placing bets. It is much more important than knowing the odds. In Aviator, there is a wide range of betting types, so you can choose the one that suits you best. The problem is that when you do your first bet, you may make a mistake.

Get Hooked and Win

If you play for fun, then you will be able to play for free with the money of the casino. Casino is the best casino game, and Pacha Casino is no exception! It’s the only casino online, which has the feature of provably FAIR technology.

In the hard version of the game, players are allowed to place an unlimited number of bets. Besides the soft version of the game, it is also possible to play the hard version of the game with a real money account. In this case, players are able to bet with the amount of funds that is defined in the account. In other words, no loss of funds is possible in this case! Just play the game the game correctly and do not overdo it.

  • RISK WARNING: If you are a beginner in casino games, and you do not know the risks of gambling, take a look at the table below.
  • You can download the software Aviator free that is available for several platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry and others.
  • If a player is bored with the game, then he may try to change the plane without raising the bet.
  • The game is offered in both freeware and registered versions.

Cash Games are the most simple and profitable game in the casino. They are also the most popular among beginners. This type of game is suitable for those who like to play for fun or play when they have nothing better to do. In the Aviator game, one of the famous casino developer Onlinespin will make all the bets in the game.

Epic Slot Escapades

The game itself differs from other similar games in that you can place bets and then sell them at any time, for a much higher return. If the game stops, all bets are automatically returned. This will not burn you but the funds you have to pay. But remember, if you do not start the game, you will lose all funds at the end of the round.

In the case of mobile phones, the game is installed on the phone, and the player can either play for money or for free. The game is very simple, but there are no small problems with the interface on mobile. If you are interested in playing, then you must be patient. The game is very good, and the interface is simple enough. If you are interested in playing and win real money, then you need to register at the casino.

The Slot Mania Lives

Multipliers for quick winnings and a chance to win big in the Aviator game are calculated from bets of the current round. It is possible to check the number of bets in the round using the Live Bet feature available in the game. The player can see the take-off of the plane and the coefficient of growth in real time. Everything is just as in real life, and the most important thing is that you can stop the takeoff at any time.

Aviator: Play for Riches

If a player is bored with the game, then he may try to change the plane without raising the bet. The fundamental principle of the game is the same as in a traditional slot machine – the highest coefficient is the winner. But the difference is that the growth coefficient is not uniform. When a player places a bet, the constant is applied to a variable, which in turn grows. And the player is keeping pace with the growth. The game’s multiplier depends on the number of the round and the coefficient of a corresponding round.

The bigger the number of rounds with the coefficient higher than the lower limit, the higher is the average coefficient. The third factor is the number of Aviators whose last coefficient was higher. This slot, produced by NetEnt, was created in 2011. The game supports the American, European, and Asian slot machines.

Ultimate Slot Paradise

The game looks like a standard roulette, but the mechanics are completely different. We also provide you with a fully-fledged mobile casino, so that you can play this game and other ones from your smartphone. In the case of Fixed Coefficient, it is also possible to set the multiplier before starting the game. For example, if you want to bet at the multiplier 5.5, then you should set 5.5 as a multiplier in the game.

However, the speed of operation of the plane is not that important. The main thing is to feel the thrill of the flight. You can also play an interesting game with the ability to earn a lot of money on the slot. If you win, the online casino sends you a game credit.

The game is characterized by the pleasant aesthetic of the background. Gamblers will remember that your success will depend on the process of growth of the coefficient multiplier. The player will find with pleasure the daily income and enjoyment of the game. Those who want to try their luck, will have a lot of fun and not lose much money.

With the help of a good reliable online casino you can play it for free and win real money. You can play it in Mac, Linux, Chrome, Opera and other browsers. After a plane is airborne, the number of rounds you are playing is set by the game creator. If the game has one, then the number of rounds is equal to the game length.

The number may be set at the beginning of the round in the form of «x multiplier». In general, it is said that the higher the number, the more the top is worth. When the round is over, the amount is multiplied by the number and then it is cashed out. aviator online The player who wins the round is the one with the highest coefficient. Our gaming projects are designed to introduce a new approach to online casinos. We want to give our clients unique games, paid out in cash, a different approach to the usual ones.

Aviator and at the same time have only to pay a small amount of initial investment. The game is designed for persons who are not afraid to gamble and do not mind to put the maximum amount of their money on the bet. The game can also be played on a mobile device.